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About Britt Gerber

I have always tried to listen to the particular needs of my clients ever since I started in this business over 10 years ago. It can be a solo traveler or a multi generational family. It doesn’t matter. I welcome any opportunity and challenge to help my clients fulfill their dreams and avoid disappointments.

My frequent travels, especially to Europe, allow me to keep my in-depth destination knowledge up to date and my foreign language skills alive. Scandinavia, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain always keep my passion for travel going. I have received certification as a specialist for many destinations, including being a Scandinavia Specialist, a Cruise Baltic Specialist and a designated ScotsAgent by the Tourist Board of Scotland. I am also an Accredited Cruise Counselor.

Recent Trips:

Portugal (2011, 2012)

Galicia, Spain (2012)

Southern Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark (2012)

Hong Kong and Yunan Province, China (2012)

Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis, Quad Cities (2012)

Northern Italy (2011)


London (2011)

Stockholm, Sweden (2011)

London, U.K. (2011)

Amsterdam, Netherlands (2011)

Lisbon and Duoro Valley, Portugal (2011)
Florence, Rome, Turin and Venice, Italy (2011)

Stockholm, Sweden (2011)

Recent Trips:

Dolomites and Veneto regions, Italy (2010)

Paris, France (2010)

Copenhagen, Denmark (2010)

Iceland (2009)

Munich, Germany (2009)

Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, China (2008)

Recent Trips:

Scotland (2008)

Norway (2007)

Vancouver, Canada (2007)

The Baltic and St. Petersburg, Russia (2006)

Finland (2006)

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