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Claire Hearn

Travel Consultant

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About Claire Hearn

My area of specialty is building premium unique vacations for families which fit your budget. Year round travel in the States, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe France, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Turkey) or even further afield (The Maldives, Africa and India).

I am able to leverage the fact that I’m from the UK, have traveled extensively in the States and Mexico as well as having worked and traveled across Europe organizing events and visiting some of Europe’s elite hotels and spas for over 10 years. As well as the major attractions, I offer the experiences and restaurants that only the locals know about. If your itinerary involves multiple destinations, I’ll help you plan so that you can focus on having the time of your lives and manage all of the logistics and minimize the transfers so that you have a hassle free holiday.

Think of me as your travel personal trainer. If you have a broad idea, tell me what you want and let me develop a really unique itinerary. Want to use miles for flights? No problem. Change your mind and want to spend another day at that spa? Easy. Want to look for a new sports experience that you’ve never tried with the kids, a private tour of Parliament, or a family cooking class on the Amalfi coast? I can offer ideas and hands-on advice. And if you’re starting from the other end of the spectrum and you know you need a break but aren’t sure where, let me come up with two or three really different ideas that will change the way you think of a vacation.

We know little extras can make all the difference in your experience, we strive to make unforgettable memories. Thank you for choosing Lake Shore Travel.”

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