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About Japan

Japan is a fascinating country with history, mystery and charm all its own. Start in Tokyo with a visit to the Imperial Palace, take ride on the famous bullet train, view Mt. Fuji and enjoy a dining experience with impeccable service.
A favorite for many who visit Japan is a stop in Hakone National Park with a chance to stay in a authentic Japanese Inn, as you step back in history. The Hakone National Park is a peaceful and beautiful setting you will always remember.
Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto. Experience an authentic Japanese meal complete with entertainment by a geisha and maiko (geisha apprentice). Walk the tree-lined path to Kamakura’s Great Buddha and stroll the beautiful
gardens of the Hase Kannon Temple. Japan is a country that prides itself on efficiency, service and a cultural history that has been passed down from generation to generation even today. Experience all that Japan has to offer on your next
trip to Asia.

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