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Saigon, HoChi Minh City, Hanoi, Vietnam is a country deep in history and culture. Explore Saigon as the locals do, riding pillion on a scooter. Take a thrilling helicopter ride to the awesome Ha Long Bay for a breathtaking overnight cruise…Indulge your self with an elegant dinner overlooking the beautiful Hanoi Opera House. Explore the fascinating warren of underground villages at Cuchi Tunnels, just outside Saigon. Venture to the mighty Mekong Delta and experience local life and food and a tranquil pace away from Ho Chi Minh City. Take a rickshaw trip through the streets of the Old Town in crazy Hanoi! Enjoy the beautifully preserved World Heritage town of Hoi An on Vietnam’s east coast. Take a classic train journey to visit the hill tribes of Sapa, the city in the clouds…Take a side car excursion through scenic paddy fields to the ancient capital of Hue. Enjoy delicious fresh, Vietnamese cuisine, and learn to cook it yourself at one of Vietnam’s wonderful cooking classes. Vietnam is an increasingly popular destination, especially for the traveler who has experienced China or Thailand and now wants to see more of Asia.

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