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Situated in the centre of southern Africa, landlocked Botswana has Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe as its neighbors. With the exception of the eastern part where the summer rainfall is slightly higher, the Kalahari Desert forms the majority of Botswana. This predominance of arid land makes for a remarkable phenomenon: The Okavango Delta is a wondrous wetland within a desert, receiving its waters from rain falling over a thousand kilometres away, and sustaining a huge diversity of fauna and flora. In the north-east of the country, the Chobe and Linyanti reserves are renowned for their predators and large concentrations of game.

Historically Botswana is one of Africa’s outstanding success stories. Prior to independence in 1966, it was one of the world’s poorest countries, an unexplored land only visited by hardy adventurers. Botswana embarked on innovative and proactive ways to deal with tourism, the second largest export sector after diamonds. The country’s leaders took the view that high quality, low volume tourism was the best way to create a sustainable industry that would employ a large percentage of its people while still preserving the environment.

Featured Botswana Areas


The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is rightly considered one of the most incredible wilderness sanctuaries in Africa. It is one of the largest inland delta systems in the world, an area of 15 000km2 filled with water channels, lagoons and islands. What makes this area truly remarkable is that it is a wetland paradise located deep within the arid Kalahari Desert. Each year, floodwaters flow from their catchment areas in the moist central African highlands over 1 000km away into the Delta to create the miracle that is the Okavango. This unique area sustains a huge diversity of fauna and flora, so that game viewing is excellent right through the year.

The Linyanti

To the north-east of the Okavango Delta, along the Linyanti Fault line, lie the Chobe, Selinda and Linyanti areas. The varied woodland habitats and ancient floodplains make adding any of the camps found here to a Botswana itinerary a good choice for a balanced experience of the country. In many ways the Linyanti is an essential complement to an Okavango visit. The area is home to several unique features: the Savute Channel, once again a river in its own right attracting abundant wildlife; the Selinda Spillway, a mythic connection to the Okavango; and the productive Linyanti River frontage. Seasonal zebra and elephant migrations add further drama and the Linyanti expanse is the favoured hunting ground for healthy numbers of predators.

The Central Kalahari

South of the Okavango Delta and dominating central Botswana, the 5 million-hectare Central Kalahari Game Reserve is one of the biggest protected areas in Africa, its diverse wildlife and wonderful scenery offering an amazing contrast to the rest of the country. The Kalahari Desert is the largest unbroken stretch of sand in the world and at its core is the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, a vast flat expanse of scrub-covered fossil dunes interspersed with ancient river valleys. This area is home to a fascinating spectrum of very different plants and animals that have successfully adapted to living in such a harsh environment.

Botswana Camps


Mombo Camp

Mombo Camp lies within the Moremi Game Reserve; offering arguably the best big game viewing in Botswana.

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Little Mombo Camp 

Little Mombo is an extension of and shares the same island as the larger Mombo Camp, matching its high standards.

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Chitabe Camp

On this classic safari experience, game drives take in the different habitats ensuring that there is an equal diversity of wildlife

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Chitabe Lediba Camp

Chitabe Lediba sports that classic Okavango Delta scenery, from palm-dotted floodplains to open savannah and woodlands.

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Banoka Bush Camp 

Banoka Bush Camp lies spread out in a broad semi-circle along the banks of a lagoon – in itself part of the well-known Khwai River.

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Botswana Itineraries


The Great Wilderness Journey

This Classic Camp and deluxe camping safari takes the time to experience and explore Botswana’s scenic northern areas.

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Migration Routes

This short nature- and wildlife-focused route explores the thundering waters of the Victoria Falls.

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Botswana Summer Encounter

This Exploration reveals the life-filled summer season of Botswana, in prime areas where few people travel.

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Selinda Canoe Trail 

This canoeing and walking adventure safari navigates some 25 miles in the heart of Botswana’s Selinda Reserve.

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Essential Botwsana

This Classic Camp and deluxe camping safari takes the time to experience and explore Botswana’s scenic northern areas.

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Botwsana-Other Highlights

This Classic Camp and deluxe camping safari takes the time to experience and explore Botswana’s scenic northern areas.

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Botswana Lodging


Chobe Chilwero

Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero is a luxurious riverside retreat in the heart of the bush on the edge of Chobe National Park, home to the world’s largest remaining population of elephants.

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