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About Egypt

Experience historic landscapes including the great Pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the world,  with a custom designed trip to Egypt. Delve into the areas vast history, culture, people and food all in an environment of great service and luxury.  After exploring Cairo and shopping in the local bazars head out of the city with a cruise aboard a custom-built Nile Cruiser or overnight  in the Sahara with at an exclusive desert tented camps. Interested in Egyptian history, then travel in the company of an experienced Egyptologists and descend into the tombs of Nefertari or Seti I, and enjoy insider access at Egypt must see sites, including the Giza Plateau and the Museum of Antiquities. Ready for an extraordinary experience, then let us design a personal itinerary for you to discover this sand-swept, mystical land  as you never imagined it.

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