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A Tauck Event for Families – Walking with Dinosaurs

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Walking With Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time

A Tauck Event For Families

2014 Prices From $3190 for 5 Days – Events

For dinosaur fans young and old, our newly announced Tauck and BBC Earth partnership brings you an unprecedented Tauck Event for families – Walking With Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time, the ultimate dinosaur experience. One departure only, July 17 – 21, 2014, this Event is as inspiring as it is entertaining, enriched by BBC Earth insiders, paleontologists who share their stories and knowledge, and natural history experts who illuminate mysterious prehistoric worlds and bring them to life. Throughout, enjoy exclusive access to special BBC Earth behind-the-scenes perspectives. By day, you’ll embark on themed sightseeing tracks. You’ll walk where the dinosaurs walked, standing alongside important dig sites where some of the most critical discoveries have been made… learn the science – and know the facts… get a deeper understanding of how they lived and how they behaved… At night, you’ll attend special private evenings held at some of Calgary’s most popular venues. And when your family returns home… they’ll bring with them a new-found appreciation for just how magnificent all dinosaurs really were.

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