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Management Team

Larry Rednour
President and CEO
(714) 478 4174
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Rosann Glantz
Senior Vice President
(847) 242-4015
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Vivian Rubenstein
Manager, Leisure Sales
Cruise, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand
(847) 242-4029
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Karen Howland
Manager, Business Development
Creating Memories of a Lifetime
(847) 461-5028
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Travel Advisors

Amy Bloemke
Custom Itineraries, Independent Tours
(847) 242-4017

Debbie Elias
Custom Itineraries, Family Travel
(847) 461-5030
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Beryl Foreman
Ski, Family Travel, Europe, Asia, Independent Travel
(847) 242-4021
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Britt Gerber
Cruise, Solo/Family Travel, Ski, Soft Adventure, Custom Itineraries
(847) 461-5032
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Betty Golen
Adventure Travel, African Safaris, Domestic and International Skiing, Thailand, River Cruising
(847) 461-5029
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Lindsay Knight
Travel Consultant
(847) 461-5052

Julie Ipjian
Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Adventures by Disney, Disney Cruise Line
(847) 461-5041
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Ken Lewis
Resort and Leisure Travel,
Mexico and USA, Family Travel
(847) 242-4030
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Barbara Luttenberger
Family Travel, Independent Custom Travel, Cruises
(847) 242-4028
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Christine McCracken
Custom Itineraries, Family Travel,
Independent Tours
(310) 947-0584
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Shari Minsky
Cultural Immersions, Custom Itineraries, Family Travel,
Independent Tours
(847) 461-5048
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Terri Netzel
Custom Itineraries, Family Travel, Multi-Generational Travel, Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Hawaii
(847) 461-5045
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Olivia Patterson
Adventure Travel, Cultural Immersion, Eco Travel
(847) 461-5051
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Shonah Rabman
Europe, Family Travel
(847) 242-4024
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Joan Schwartz
Italy, Greece, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Honeymoons, Custom Itineraries, Corporate Travel
(847) 461-5034
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Myrna Shaw
Independent Tours, Europe, Israel, Cruises, Family Travel
(847) 242-4027
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Julie Shifrin
Family Travel, Soft Adventure, Ski, Custom Itineraries
(847) 242-4020
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Marlene Singer
Custom Itineraries
(847) 461-5036
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Adele Sullivan
Family Travel, Soft Adventure, Ski, Custom Itineraries
(847) 242-4025
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Rachele Sullivan
Manager of Corporate Travel
(877) 729-7730


Suzan von Lengerke
Africa, Wine Tasting, South America, Europe, South East Asia, Adventure
(847) 461-5039
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Michelle Weiss
Custom Itineraries
(847) 242-4032
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Debbie Wilensky
Disney Vacation Specialist including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani and Adventures by Disney Family Vacation Specialist
(847) 461-5031
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Administrative Team


Jean Gallo
(847) 242-4018

Karen Singer
(847) 461-5033

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