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Michelle Weiss

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About Michelle Weiss

My career as a travel consultant began when I was unable to find a teaching position after graduating from college. What was my passion? Travel and people, and the rest is history. Custom European itineraries, family travel and developing small group trips are a few of my specialties. In the past I’ve lead Ladies Shopping Trips to Italy and France experiencing the sights, shopping, wine and food along with the camaraderie of 18 other women.

This year we are traveling to England to attend knitting workshops at Rowan Yarns and then on to London for sightseeing and workshops at local yarn shops. The many relationships we have with our travel partners; Virtuoso, Four Seaons Preferred Partner, Ritz Starz, gives me the opportunity to provide value, special amenities and extraordinary experiences to my clients.

The most rewarding aspect of my career is when my clients return home to tell me it was the best trip they’ve ever experienced and that I’ve created memories that will last a lifetime!

Recent Trips:

South Africa



Recent Trips:

Las Vegas

Recent Trips:

Washington, D.C.


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