Shari Minsky

Travel Advisor


Tel: 847-461-5048




I love the research and planning of a trip — no matter the destination — followed by the thrill and challenge of completely immersing myself in another culture.

My passion for travel started at an early age when year after year my family hosted exchange students from countries, including Japan, Germany, France and Israel. Eventually, I became that young, exchange student when I spent a summer living with a family in a small town in Aracatuba, Brazil. Several years later, I spent an academic college year living in Madrid, Spain, where I took all of my courses in Spanish, explored the art, food and pulse of the city, and traveled around Europe at every opportunity.

My own travel experiences have opened my eyes to the colors, flavors, sounds and traditions of dozens of cultures. They have also inspired an inquisitiveness and zest to seek out new and unique travel experiences for my clients so that they may share in the thrill of experiencing new cultures, architectural wonders, art and historical riches and more.

I look forward to collaborating with you to create a unique, personalized, culturally immersive travel experience that leaves you with memories that will last a lifetime.

When traveling, I find that I am always overcome with an awareness that someone hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years ago stood exactly where I stood, touched the things I touched…Experiencing a new destination connects us to those that came before us in a way that is both shared and uniquely our own. What connects you?