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Victoria Hardison-Sterry

Travel Advisor

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My Motto is: One of the strongest legacies you can give your children is not just to tell them about the world, but to show them.

When my children were 6-yrs-old and 8-yrs-old, my husband and I decided it was time to travel with them Internationally. We took them on a River Cruise that highlighted the Christmas Markets in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The experience was more than I could have ever imagined! Watching them appreciate, communicate, and interact with people across different cultures, not only created amazing childhood memories, but prepared them to thrive in the new world marketplace. The rich excitement of new cultures, smells, tastes of foods, art, stories, and music engage all their senses. I learned that fulfilling sensual encounters teach children that the new and different can be wonderful, rather than scary and strange. We were so over taken at what this experience provided my family, I began to focus on how I could help others experience this sensation.

The thing was I was already employed at the #1 family destination growing my expertise in planning, and execution of vacations, weddings, events and conventions. But I wanted my interactions in travel to expand to multiple destinations all over the world. So following an 18-year career with the Walt Disney Company, I became a travel advisor.

I have been fortunate to travel extensively and have first-hand experience in many destinations. My favorite travel memories include:  kayaking along the Gard Rivera and under the Ancient Roman Pont Du Gard aqueduct in France; learning the art of cheese & pizza-making at a family-run farm in Sorrento, Italy; enjoying an intimate lunch in a chef’s home in the village of Bizariano Crete; and dipping into Thermal Baths / Hot Springs in Budapest, Hungary.

Whether your idea of a luxury adventure is cultural immersion, a sun and sand getaway, a cruise – ocean and river, or exploring wildlife on a African safari or the Galapagos Islands, my expertise and my vast network of global travel connections will provide exceptional, first class service that affirms the trust the you have placed in me.