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The Caribbean is one of the world’s most popular places to vacation, with spectacular beaches that lead into the Caribbean Sea famous for its crystal-clear, turquoise water, along with the diversity of dozens of island destinations, and vibrant and thriving towns and villages, and the convenience of being easily accessible.

Fortunately, many islands in the Caribbean were spared from the recent hurricane season including Barbados. In fact, eighty percent of the Caribbean islands did not sustain any damage from these storms. The San Juan Airport is fully operations with 70 flights a day, and the cruise port has had more than 5,000 passengers in the last two weeks.

Tourism is a vital part of the economic health of the islands. They rely on frequent and plentiful visitors as a way to generate jobs and keep local businesses open. Those of us at Lake Shore Travel care deeply about our travel partners in the Caribbean and have joined forces with a local organization to help bring needed supplies to the islands in need.

These islands and their people are looking forward to welcoming you to their home. Now is a perfect time to visit the Caribbean, and a cruise is a great way to experience and enjoy one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. In fact, thousands of cruise passengers are having a great time on cruise ships every day in the Caribbean and visiting dozens of beautiful islands.

We’ve partnered with Windstar Cruises for some fabulous  Caribbean cruise specials before the end of the year. Looking for a last minute festive getaway! The pricing on these amazing all-suite and sailing ships cannot be beat.


Explore Windstar’s the Caribbean is Open specials aboard their all suite and sailing ships.

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