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About Suzan Von Lengerke

My love of travel began while watching black and white home movies of my father’s trips to Africa and India as a young girl. Although the exotic has always had an allure for me, I am just as happy sipping wine at a favorite winery in California or wandering the back roads in Europe. I have been lucky to travel quite a bit in my life time and lucky to be able to share my enthusiasm while planning trips for others, whether it be gorilla tracking, seeing the sights in Paris or relaxing on the beach with family. Over the past 23 years as a travel consultant one of my greatest rewards is hearing my clients’ stories upon return from their trips; I wish for them to enjoy travel as much as I do.

Suzan has helped us plan several trips to Canada, Mexico, Europe and domestic destinations. We like the way she matches our interests and budget with interesting places to stay and things to do.”

Just some of the past trips Suzan has taken:

South Africa, Botswana, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, Kenya, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Galapagos, Mexico, Costa Rica, Maldives, Dubai, Portugal, Madeira, Spain, Greece, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Hawaii, Newfoundland, Caribbean, Southwestern USA, Northwestern USA, and lots of California.

Recent Trips:



Easter Island
Southern Patagonia

Recent Trips:

Northern Sonoma
San Diego

Recent Trips:

Laos Cambodia
Canyon Ranch


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