AJ Marasco

Travel is an extension of who I - and who many of us - are. It’s a short respite from our everyday lives; a chance to immerse ourselves in a different world. Traveling allows us to shake off our weariness and bask in that which intrigues and delights us most.
North America, Western Europe, Cruising

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About Me

My passion for travel was awakened as a 16-year-old exchange student to Japan. Being curious about other people, cultures and food I realized travel was more than a hobby; it’s an extension of who we are!

I seek out pivotal travel experiences like a scavenger hunt through the Vatican, walking tour of chef-favored NYC restaurants, or joining a macaron class in Paris! My goal is to help you create lifelong memories with your loved ones through world travel.

So, what are you waiting for?! Where has your heart been calling you? Contact me and let’s see what we can dream up, together!

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