New Year’s resolutions are so Y2K. Instead of drinking kale smoothies or practicing pilates non-stop, we have compiled a list of inspiring things to do at a Magnificent 7 lodge.

Be good to yourself this year.

Have fun.

Indulge your senses, and breathe in the fresh air…slowly.

Enjoy this beautiful earth and escape into the Canadian wilderness. Let this be the year you gave yourself exactly what you needed (and if you need kale and pilates we’ve got that too).


1. Conquer Your Fear of Flying:

White-knuckle flyer? We have the solution. Heli fish, heli hike…or just heli picnic! Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort offers excursions to some of the world’s most gorgeous scenery.
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2. Get Back on the Horse:

Learn to really ride, cowboy. None of this ‘nose to tail’ style group riding… we’ll gallop through the fields, and thunder into the sunset! The team at Siwash Lake Ranch will teach you all you need to know!
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3. Take a Trip to the Wild Side:

At Clayoquot Wilderness Resort you’ll take in the ‘wonders of the West Coast’. Track bears. Watch whales. Walk on pristine sandy beaches and sacred forests of the Ahousaht Nations. Top it off with a spa treatment back at the resort for pure bliss. Unforgettable!
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4. Saunter with Polar Bears:

It sounds like a dream, somehow made reality. You can walk with polar bears, and swim with belugas, all under the blanket of the Artic sky. View the amazing selection of itineraries from Churchill Wild here.
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5. Yodel the in the Mountains:

When was the last time you belted out Yodel-ay-hee-hoo? Try it from the stunning backdrop of the Coast Range. The Bella Coola Explorer Itinerary offers a life altering, all encompassing experience!
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6. Write Your Own Great Whale Novel:

Get intimate with the sea; find your muse aboard the historic Pacific Yellowfin. You’ll see plenty of whales and marine life…and you can even pull up your own traps for the crab-feast of a lifetime. Captain Colin will keep you thoroughly entertained! Hop aboard for one of our per cabin cruises to the Gulf Islands this June!
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7. Book one of our Canadian Wilderness Adventure Collection Itineraries:

Forget the bucket list…this is the real deal, the big kahuna, the one you’ve been waiting for. You can even visit all the Mag 7 lodges in one journey!!!
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