Travel Trends in 2022

Travel Trends 2022
As 2022 began and travel restrictions eased, Lake Shore Travel clients packed their bags. We've highlighted some of the most requested and traveled destinations to share with you latest trends.

Favorite Destinations

Ireland  |  The green isles have attracted many clients this year because of the destination’s perfect mix of charm, history, and wide open spaces. A good pint of Guinness is the cherry on top.

Greece  |  Indulgent cuisine, sunshine, and blue water beckon clients to Greece every year. With over 200 islands to explore, there’s never a reason not to go!

Australia  | With over 4,000 miles of coastline, 1,000 national parks and protected areas and 900 islands there are endless memories to be made.

Amsterdam  | Expect the unexpected in Amsterdam. With world-class museums, quirky festivals, theatre, live music, laid-back bars and delightful restaurants, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Amsterdam.

Egypt  | From exploring the ancient pyramids and ruins to cruising the Nile, adventurous travelers are booking Egypt, making it another of our most requested destinations.

Peru  | One of our client’s most booked destinations in 2019 is rising back to the top again. The varied regions, cultures and cuisine keep travelers excited for each stop.

Favorite All-Inclusive Resort: Explora Valle Sagrado

Galápagos Islands  |  Animal life and pristine landscapes draw travelers from across the world. Lake Shore clients and advisors traveled this year on expedition cruises, taking them up close to the action.

Cruise to Try: Relais & Chateaux’s Origin or Theory

Hawaii  |  Always a family favorite, many clients were eager to return to their favorite tropical getaway.

Where to Stay: Disney’s Aulani is perfect for young families and Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina are both Lake Shore favorites.

Costa Rica  |  A favorite spring break destination, Costa Rica offers activities and adventures for every appetite. From beach snorkeling to river rafting to mountain hideaways, you’ll never be bored.

Favorite Hideaway in the Trees: Kura Boutique Hotel

Africa  | No longer just a bucket list trip, Africa is the kind of place that gets under your skin and you can’t wait to get back. Safari bookings are one of our biggest sellers this year. From diving with sharks to tracking a pride of lions in the desert to sitting with a family of gorillas in the jungles of Uganda, there is something different to see and do each time you visit.

New Zealand  | Lake Shore Travel clients can’t book this destination fast enough. Everything from the untamed wilderness, towering mountains, fjords, and golden beaches attract visitors.

Antarctica  | Another bucket list destination checked for many of our clients this year. Antarctica is unparalleled in its vast, untouched landscape.

Argentina  | Boosting the title, “Most Photographable Landscape,” the country of Argentina will leave you breathless. 

Not to Miss: The eighth wonder in the world, the mythical Perito Moreno glacier.

Switzerland  |  Seeing a rise in bookings this year, Switzerland is a new territory to explore for those who have checked London and Paris off their list. The pristine city and breathtaking scenery offer a unique stay.

Canada  |  As borders opened for our neighbor to the north, many started booking trips from Vancouver to Toronto to train rides aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

Once in a Lifetime Experience: Stay on Denali at the exclusive Sheldon Chalet.

Morocco  | A multicultural country, recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO, Morocco is one of the go-to destinations for those fascinated by nature, history, and the art of living.

Dubai  | One of the most international destinations in the world, Dubai is a cultural melting pot, offering diverse activities, shopping, and cuisine.

Alaska  | Whether on a cruise or an adventure wilderness experience, Alaska is an adventure hotspot. Each stop and destination has something different to see, explore and experience.

Special Offer: Upgrade and explore more with a Regent Seven Seas cruise.

Prague  | This destination has the beauty and charm of Paris, 100-plus years of history, and some of the best beer in Europe.

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