Featured Vacations

No matter what kind of travel experience you’re looking for, we always have an option that will fulfill your needs. Throughout the year, Lake Shore Travel features vacation specials ranging from quick getaways to seasonal specials to themed holidays and even active and specialty travel. Check in often and explore your options.

Relax and Rejuvenate.

Don’t let the everyday rat race run your life.  Take some time to slow down and indulge in you. Recharge in a day-to-day spa, yoga sanctuary or other mind, body & soul retreat. Let your cares melt away on one of our sublime vacations here.

Mini Vacations.

Discover how just a few days away from the daily grind can be incredibly rewarding.  Reignite romance with Christmas shopping in New York City, ski along the incredible Rockies or sample wine in Sonoma. Browse our quick getaways here.

Europe’s Best.

Explore Europe your way.  Whether you prefer luxurious rail travel through the countryside, adventuresome bike rides, private jets to bustling cities or an elegant river barge to quiet towns, Lake Shore Travel offers the premiere choices available.

V.A.S.T. Explorations.

If you prefer thrilling expeditions, then Virtuoso’s Active & Specialty Travel (V.A.S.T.) suppliers are your link to the unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ve been looking for. Imagine walking on glaciers, backpacking through majestic mountains or sitting at the head chef’s table in Provence. VAST opportunities await you here.

Family Fun.

Family vacations are not only fun, they enhance the family bond.  Playing mini-golf with the toddlers, teaching teens how to ski or picnicking in national parks brings out the best in everyone.  Find family fun vacations for all ages here.