Like a career counselor, personal trainer or financial planner, a professional travel advisor can be your lifestyle advocate and create travel experiences that are tailored to your needs and dreams.

1. Advice 

An open and trusting personal relationship aids the process of getting to know your unique tastes and preferences. Always mindful of budget, activity level, interests and any special needs, your advisor will suggest customized and meaningful travel elements that will create unique experiences and remarkable memories. Over time and with honest feedback at each trip’s end this relationship grows to a client’s benefit.

2. Expertise

When you search the Web, you’ll find thousands of travel tools, tips, and every hotel or cruise ship that has “a great deal”. But all that information doesn’t always translate into knowledge.  Knowledge in the travel industry comes from experience – gleaned from an agent’s personal visits and study, but importantly from the shared experience of many client itineraries. A good advisor does much more than book your hotel, cruise, resort or rental car. They will share the best time and location to experience the great migrations in Tanzania or connect your family with a most engaging private guide to bring the ancient sites of Italy to life.

3. Connections

Travel advisors develop hundreds of connections from fellow advisors to GMs at top hotels to in-country guides and drivers. The strength of this network allows advisors to provide unparalleled advantages from upgrades and special hotel amenities to unique or private entrée when sightseeing.

Lake Shore Travel has served the North Shore for more than 60 years with highly personal service of more than 30 consultants boasting over 350 years of travel advising experience. We’d love to get to know you and to assist with your travel needs. Contact Marlene Singer at .

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