How We are Reimagining Travel

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what a gift travel is, and the joy that it brings. For me, the true beauty of travel is its triple-counting of experience. It’s like a triangle of anticipation, experience, and memory, with each side just as significant as the others.

The joy of anticipation
A 2010 study in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life found that planning and anticipating a trip can make us happier than taking it! The French call this se rejouir, meaning deriving enjoyment in the present from an event that takes place in the future. The good news is that we can do this now, by planning your next adventure without specific dates. If anticipation is half the fun, let’s get creative! Let’s figure out a bucket-list trip to shine a light on the end of the quarantine tunnel. Let’s take advantage of this global pause to dream big, so when the world rights itself and borders reopen, we are ready to transform your vision into a tangible plan of action.

The excitement of direct experience
Amid uncertainty, questions often outnumber answers. What I can say is that travel is possible for late summer and fall 2020. Hotels that closed are gradually reopening, and the entire hospitality industry has been hard at work, reimagining its service model for a post-Covid-19 world. Methodologies vary, but every hotel has the same goal: to keep guests and staff happy and healthy. So, when the time is right for you and your loved ones to travel again, your favorite hosts will be ready and waiting.

Where to?
Because international border policies are a constantly moving target, many Americans will be taking advantage of their own “backyard” for the foreseeable future, exploring the National Parks; taking classic American road trips, like scenic, historic Route 1; and enjoying luxury resorts in remote locations (a perfect blend of space and service) and select hotels with private villas or condo-style accommodations. Many hotels are offering flexible deposit and cancellation policies and including a variety of value-adds with new bookings.

If you prefer a global experience from the comfort of your home, we can help with that, too! Some suggestions for international inspiration at home:

  • Travel coloring books for kids (and adults!)
  • Virtual safaris
  • Books, movies, and television programs that transport you safely around the world
  • Virtual museum tours
  • And more!

The power of memory
Our travel memories are frequently tied to powerful, positive emotions, which increases the chance that they will last a lifetime. Travel occupies a prized position in our remembered experience. It even has the power to shape our personalities! My own travel has had a dramatic impact on the way I think, act, and see the world around me.

Like many globetrotters, you may have chosen a wait-and-see approach to new travel, anticipating the world’s reopening by taking a fond trip down memory lane. As you relive precious travel experiences, perhaps these ideas will add to the joy:

  • Travel Memories Map. Available to purchase in a variety of styles, including pushpin and scratch-off! Mark off the places you have been or use different pin colors for places you’ve visited and those you’re dreaming of.
  • Scrapbook. Start small by creating a photo book from your most recent trip. I’m a big fan of Artifact Uprising’s collection!
  • Recipes. Make a dish inspired by one of your favorite countries.
  • Call a loved one. Enjoy reminiscing about a shared journey together!

An Opportunity
We don’t get to choose our challenges. While for many of us home has become our whole world, the present challenge is an opportunity to reimagine, recreate, and redefine what our tomorrow will be made of.

The travel industry will change, but certain things will hold fast: People love People, and People love Privacy. Choice has always been part of true experiential luxury. In the future, choosing how you enjoy the world–staying in the privacy of your villa, for example, or heading to that corner restaurant where you’ll meet people from all over the globe–will simply play a larger role. As travel advisors, we will be here to make that sure your choices are the focus of any future journey.

Whatever phase you are in–ready to travel; dreaming of travel; or rekindling beloved travel memories–we at Lake Shore Travel celebrate it! As we navigate new and uncharted terrain, please know that I’m here, as resource and advisor, for whatever you need, big or small, domestic or international, as a resource and advisor.

Wishing you the best,

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