Jamie Kornblatt

Jamie Kornblatt

I can help design all your travels--near and far--stress-free and customized to your unique needs and interests.
Mexico, North America, Western Europe, Caribbean

(847) 461-5055

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About Me

I believe travel changes us for the better. Travel allows us to discover new places, people, and parts of ourselves that can enhance our lives for years to come. My personal love for travel started in childhood. I’ve traveled across the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Israel; cruised the Caribbean and Central America, and studied abroad in Spain.

My professional background in marketing and advertising has been invaluable to my work as a travel advisor. Managing million-dollar accounts across multiple large projects, I developed excellent attention to detail and the ability to collaborate with clients and large teams of colleagues to achieve outstanding results. Today, by combining my business skills with my passion for exploring the world; meeting new people; and creating relationships, I can help design all your travels–near and far–stress-free and customized to your unique needs and interests.

The best part of my job is sending clients on their way, knowing they’re headed for a unique and wonderful experience, one that includes personal touches and special amenities they’d be unlikely to find on their own. The expertise of the Lake Shore Travel team, plus our exclusive U.S. and global relationships and Virtuoso partnerships, are what make it possible.

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