Myrna Shaw

Travel Advisor

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After college (U of Michigan, AB and MA in History), I taught History in secondary school. I took 10 years off to be at home with my children, but when they were in school all day, I opted to return to the work place. The travel business seemed to offer the perfect blend of my passion for history and the chance to see and learn more about the places about which I had previously studied. Since 1977, I have worked in the leisure travel industry helping people with their travel needs; whether a family dream vacation, a getaway weekend or that last minute business trip. I have also had the honor and privilege of leading many groups to Israel and Eastern Europe. It has been, and will continue to be, a pleasure to share my knowledge and wonderful experiences with my clients.

What Myrna’s Clients Have to Say About Her

You saved us $750 on an $1100 Flight. In an Internet world, we think we can find the best price, without travel agents. Maybe, but there’s a lot to be said for quality people and quality service.

Myrna arranged our wonderful Hawaiian Vacation in February, 2009. That’s why we called her when we needed to rush our son from Marquette, MI to Chicago, IL for his grandmother’s funeral. Sure, I tried the Internet looking for the “best price”. And I thought flights from Marquette to Chicago had been canceled so I looked for flights from Escanaba and Green Bay to Chicago. One call to Myrna and in 3 minutes she found a direct flight from Marquette, MI to Chicago, IL, round trip. But the price was $1100.

But Myrna is a travel pro and knew we could get a “bereavement special” from the airlines for our son to attend a funeral. I bet the reader of this didn’t know a “bereavement special” exists. You won’t find that on the Internet. So Myrna arranged an aisle seat for our 6’6″ tall son that takes only 2 hours to get from Marquette, MI to get to Chicago, IL, and back again. I won’t have to worry abut my son driving 100, 200, or 400 miles to get home for a funeral in bad weather.

And Myrna made it affordable for our family because of her knowledge. From beginning to end, it took Myrna 3 minutes to find the right flight, and about 15 minutes to call the airline and arrange a “bereavement special”.

Richard Kraneis