Olivia Link

Travel Advisor


Tel: 847-461-5051




I believe that travel opens one’s eyes to the connections between cultures, for you cannot see the world and remain indifferent to it.

My passion for travel was ignited early on, as I am the child of avid travelers who decided that three children were not going to dampen their adventurous spirits! Luckily for my brothers and I, that meant we got to tag along on all their crazy adventures. And in the years since, my love affair with the world has continued to grow.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a BA in International Studies. Immediately post-graduation I relocated to Nashville and worked as a Manager for a luxury home exchange company before setting my sights on a career that would allow me to work with more detail, and more depth on every component of my client’s trips.

Let me open the door to discovery and inspiration for you and your family, and together we can design an experience that is impossible to “google.”