Sofia Kenzer

Travel Advisor




My very first childhood memory is living in Rome while traveling on a one way ticket to the United States. Since then I have traveled to five continents, over 40 countries, via plane, helicopter, cruise, yacht, train, camel, and automobile and always excited to plan my next travel adventure.

With personal knowledge of many domestic and international luxury destinations, my goal as a travel advisor is to assist my clients into turning all of their travel dreams into reality. Whether it be a weekend getaway, a relaxing beach vacation, a family cruise on the Mediterranean, or a luxurious African safari. Due to Lake Shore Travel’s partnership with Virtuoso and other preferred partner programs, I am able to create experiences for my clients that they would not otherwise be able to plan on their own and to ensure they visit destinations they never imagined. My hope is that my clients will return from their travels and tell me that this was not just a trip but an experience of a lifetime with memories to last them forever.