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I specialize in creating luxury leisure travel experiences. I have arranged unique and exciting vacations for my clients all over the world. The destinations including Africa, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Tahiti, Fiji and most European countries.

I am a South Africa expert and a France expert.

I have been a luxury leisure travel advisor since 1990. Being a travel advisor has been my dream career for as long as I can remember. I create memorable vacations or staycations for clients to exotic as well as local destinations. I sell the world from The United States to New Zealand and every place in between. When planning a vacation with me, I to provide a luxury experience all along the way.

My goal is to continue to travel worldwide, to experience the sites, histories, meet the people, and to learn about the magnificent cultures in our very interesting and diverse world. This way I can continue to provide my clients the knowledge and expertise they have come to expect.

Since joining Lake Shore Travel April 2012, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to continue to travel the world, visiting incredible sites, having fabulous meals and visiting new destinations all in my quest to learn and experience as much as I can to share with my clients and everyone I know.

I have partners all over the world who help me to ensure that my clients have the absolute best experiences possible. I work to ensure that those experiences surpass those expectations.

Picture yourself standing in the middle of a square as the sound of the chimes call the locals to prayer. The chanting as the men kneel in prayer. The fragrances of the spices and the flavored tobacco from the market swirl in the air. The pyramids can be seen just at the top of the horizon in the distance. Taking a serene float down the Nile passing by the many Oasis’s just like the ones you’ve seen in the movies. Riding a huge lumbering camel, rocking back and forth as camel walks in his uneven gate. Those are a few of the experiences to be had when visiting the land that has inspired many a story, Egypt. This is just one of the many places, that I as a travel advisor can send you to.

The history and beauty of this city is almost unrivaled by any other in Europe. The city survived despite the wars. Watching the people gather to watch the Astronomical clock as it rings and dances all day long is a sight as fun as watching the clock itself. Hare Krishna’s walk through the street chanting. The stories of the Velvet Revolution, Kafka and the Holocaust reverberate through the city. The musicians play and the lovers embrace giving this city a diverse an vibrant energy. The Charles Bridge is a meeting place for locals and tourists alike. There are also many roads less traveled that can be seen at this great travel destination in the Czech Republic.

It’s 6am and you are on your first game drive of the trip. What are you going to see today, a lion pride, herd of cape buffalo, the elusive leopard or the troop of orangutans foraging for food? The breeze is blowing and the sun is just starting to rise. The dew covered spiderweb glistens as the sun hits it. The anticipation of what the day will bring can barely keep the kids or the kid in you siting in the seats. The guide explains about the “Big Five” and then in the distance, you see something moving. Did you really see it or was it just a tree blowing in the wind? There just ahead is your first sighting… a journey of giraffes, majestic just munching on the branches of the acacia trees. Many more animals will be seen. The southern cross in the night sky will be viewed and at the end of the day, you will realize this is Africa. As your luxury travel agent, this incredible journey can be planned with just that first phone call.

“I just want to lay on the beach” she said. “I want to fly over the volcano” he said. So they got up early, took a helicopter over the volcano and returned to the white sand beach with the beautiful blue water almost reaching their toes as the enjoyed the afternoon. Along that beach kids are skim boarding, surfers are waiting for the perfect wave and others are jogging or looking for that one shell to bring home. Hawaii is many things to those who visit. Some want to see all of the places they have heard about, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach. Others want to hike to the falls on Maui, zipline in Kauai, horseback ride on the beach. It is a beautiful active and lazy vacation all in one. No one will be disappointed visiting paradise.

New York, New York
You know the song. Did you know about Ellis Island and researching if your family came to the US through there. Or taking a tenament tour learning about some the of first clothing shops in New York which were actually in apartments. Visiting Strawberry Fields in Central Park or having ice cream at Serendipity restaurant. You can’t miss the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State building. Do you know how to play “chopsticks” on the huge piano in FAO Schwartz toy store. The city buzzes, Times Square is more than you imagined and the Broadway shows and stars really do glow.

Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos
The land is so green, the beaches wide and white. The bay with 10,000 islands jetting up into the sky is ever changing as the shadows and clouds come and go. The people with faces that have seen so much. Donating a sampan to a needy family and their excitement palpable. Vietnam is much more than a destination, it is a trip that the memories stay and shape us. Cambodia with the incredible and still surviving Hindu religion and culture keeps our attention. Angor Wat, that magnificent temple visited at sunrise or sunset is a sight that is not forgotten. The young Monks in the temple who’s mere presence gives a calm to the area. In Luang Prabang, Laos when the monks are given Alms, it is a sight to behold.

London, Belgium /Flanders
October 2013
I’ve just returned from a 2 week trip visiting London and the Flanders area of Belgium. All I can say is “Fabulous”. London is as bustling, historic interesting and fun as always. I love visiting that city and visiting areas I have not seen previously. After London, I went to Mechelen, Antwerp, Brussels and Brugges. I think the area is a hidden gem. The history, museums, architecture, food and people are interesting and memorable.This area should be on everyone’s too see list.

February 2015
Dubai is an incredible city/state in the United Arab Emirates. I’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip. Their amazing history, massive malls, delicious food, adventures in the desert make for a very interesting and memorable trip. The hotels are many, each very different, the food is delicious serving every type of cuisine. The country is multi ethnic with rich culture, architecture of old and new and the shopping international. Adding a visit to the Seychelles, just 4 hours away will make for a memorable, fun and unique vacation.

Terri’s Travel Corner


In Flander’s fields where poppies blow, is a line from a famous world war I poem, which people associate with Flanders and Belgium. The area is so much more than a reference in a poem. Many, including I, didn’t actually realize where Flanders is located. It is an area in northern Belgium and borders the Netherlands.

The area’s major cities are Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen. I was fortunate enough to visit 4 of the 6 cities. The area is chalked filled with history from both wars, amazing art, diverse and historic architecture, delicious cuisines and more than 500 microbreweries for the beer connoisseurs.

Flanders area museums are many and unique. The printing museum, which houses the oldest existing printing press, and Rubens’ studio and house and MoMu, the fashion museum and the MAS Museum are in Antwerp. Also in Antwerp is the new Red Star Line museum which tells the story of the elite and immigrants traveling from Belgium to the US. The brand new Dossin-Kazerne Holocaust museum is a new addition to the old city of Mechelen. When in Brugges, you can visit The Groeninge Museum, a fine arts museum, The Chocolate Museum and The Straffe Hendrik Brewery. Ghent has three unique museums of its own as well. Brussels, the metropolis with an elegant combination of historic and new, has a museum dedicated to Magritte, the Royal Fine Arts museum and more.

Some of the oldest churches in the Europe are located in Flanders. Over time many have fallen into disrepair. Now the Flemish cities are investing in renovating these beautiful structures. In Mechelen, St. Rumolds Church has a new skywalk. Of course, to get to the top, there are 541 steps to climb.

An incredibly interesting piece of Flanders’ history is about a community of women named the Beguines. These women served the Catholic Church but did not take the vows of poverty and chastity that the nuns took. They served the church and locals of the cities, but unlike the Beguines in other European cities, the Flemish embraced this women and did all possible to keep their communities alive. The sites still in existence are in Ghent Mechelen and Bruges. After 800 years of existence, the last of the community died in 2008.

If you like mussels, beer and chocolate, there is no better place to visit than Flanders. I found all to be plentiful and delicious. In Bruges, it seems as if every other store is a chocolate store. Taking a chocolate making or cooking class and a visit to one of the numerous microbreweries help to make your visit memorable.

In my opinion, Flanders is a little known gem in Europe. A week’s vacation in the area will go by in the blink of an eye. The rail system is one of the best I’ve experienced. The trains are spotless, on time and the distance between cities is very manageable. The hotel options are many. Travelers can stay in a modern high rise hotel in Brussels to a converted church in Mechelen, where each room has original stained glass windows and the dining room was the where the altar was located. The shopping again is as diverse as the area itself.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how gorgeous Flanders is. The rivers run through the towns, the streets are cobblestones, and parks to sit and listen to music or people watch are many. For the well-seasoned traveler or a first timer to Europe, a trip here will be one that is remembered and discussed for years to come as a favorite destination.
What my clients are saying:

Our best celebration this year was our wonderful trip to Greece this summer. Thanks to you, it was a fabulous adventure and cultural experience. Thank you for all your great suggestions (including the “sleep-over” in London) and working with me to find just the right accommodations.

Kim Bredemann

The trip was amazing. Everything I hoped for and more. The bugs were gross but it’s Africa. Nature happens. Honestly there was not a glitch. Your plans were perfect and we had not one problem. I loved every minute and want to take my children. Thank you for everything. Right now I’ll say it’s was definitely a trip of a lifetime.

Carin and David Levee


We had a wonderful time. San Pedro was beautiful and Victoria House was lovely and serene. The sunrises were beautiful and the food was exceptional. Some of the best vacation food I’ve ever had! In addition to the snorkeling with sharks, we also did a ziplining and cave-tubing excursion that was a lot of fun! Thank you so much for coordinating all of the details throughout the planning. And for your patience. You helped make our trip magical!

Samantha and Daniel Becker


Easter Island and Explora were wonderful. We had great service and guides there. Our guide in Santiago, Jose-Manuel was exceptionally good. He was everywhere we needed him to be, early. He was so helpful, even keeping a bag for us while we were in Patagonia. I would definitely recommend him and his company again. The drivers and vehicles were good also.
Tierra Patagonia was the highlight of the trip. What a stunning hotel! And fantastic hikes, outings with excellent guides, amazing scenery, excellent service and food. I can’t think of a thing I would change.
All in all, it was a fantastic trip! You did an excellent job planning everything. We had no problems with anything from hotels to transfers to flights. Everything worked seamlessly. Given all the moving around we did, that was a remarkable feat! We can’t thank you enough for everything.”



We have been thrilled with Terri’s help on so many of our family vacations and business trips! She always finds the most unique experiences for us, from the big horse show in Dublin to the classiest tango show in Buenos Aires. She plans fun surprises for our grown children, so I can only imagine what she concocts for younger travelers. We have been upgraded to some amazing accommodations, and we receive the VIP treatment at the hotels she finds for us. The security of knowing she is only a phone call away when you need help is priceless; she quickly has found us alternative transport and hotel rooms while our fellow travelers were standing in long lines. Terri delights in not only sharing her passion for travel, but in taking personal care of her clients.”

Jim and Debbie Koziarz, Highland Park IL


Terri, you are the best. Thank God we called you right after our flight from Buenos Aires was to be delayed. You did a great job finding us an alternative route home to Chicago through Atlanta, and the hotel you arranged for us to spend the night was a godsend. This is why smart people book through travel agents! Our fellow travelersare probably STILL standing at the American Airline counter for help in Miami. What a mess! We had a blast on our vacation, thanks to you! The Koziarz Family can’t thank you enough.”

The Koziarz Family


Terri has planned many vacations for us. Even when we are traveling to places we ahve been before Terri always delivers fun and exciting hotels, restaurants and things to do. She takes care in providing great results.”

Hal Axelrod


Terri organized our most complicated trip ever going to Mail and Kenya as a family of 7 – all coming together from and traveling back to different destinatinions in the US and Europe. Her personal knowledge of safari options, the differences between the various camps as well as her contacts to local organizers and airlines were extremely valuable in putting together a trip that went absolutlely smooth across Africa. When a family emergency struck and some of us had to change return schedules, she was able to accomodate us with last minute schedule changes. I can highly recommed her as a travel planner and true partner in creating a great travel experience.”

Karl Schmidt


Terri is highly professional and knowledgable in her field. Her vast travel experience gives her a clear edge when it comes to expert advice on what to do, where to go, and what to avoid. She takes her time in listening to her client, and allows herself to truly assess the kind of experience the client is looking for in their travel. We were comfortable every step of the way, and truly felt we had a very personalized travel experience. I highly recommend working with Terri.”

Rene Schuler

Thanks for reaching out to us. It was a trip of a LIFETIME!! We can’t belize (;) how good the food, service, accommodations, experience…everything was amazing. We will remember it the rest of our lives. I’m trying not to be depressed being home.

We already passed along your name to a friend. Looking forward to many more trips!”

The Schaefers