Silversea’s specialty expedition cruises allow you to fulfill your desire to explore remote destinations with the care of expert guides while igniting your own passions and interests on your expedition. Each voyage has been expertly crafted with unique added features – diving to explore underwater flora and fauna, photography workshops to capture memorable moments, ornithology experts to help you spot rare birds, culinary tours to fully savour authentic cuisine and yoga classes to relax and rejuvenate.

This is the joy of expedition cruising. Incredible scenery awakens the photographer; awe-inspiring marine life beckons the diver; rich, exotic aromas entice the culinary connoisseur. Whatever your special interests may be, there is an expedition with Silversea that can satisfy your passion for discovery. Browse our specialty expeditions below and begin planning your voyage of exploration.


Embark on a voyage that takes you well off the beaten path, to destinations that will excite your imagination like no other. An expedition with Silversea will inspire your sense of adventure, introducing you to captivating landscapes and charming local villages. You’ll encounter wild animals, exotic flora and fauna, and fascinating cultures. The experiences you’ll have on your voyage aboard one of Silversea Expeditions’ ships will create a lifetime of memories — and ones that you’ll undoubtedly want to immortalise on camera. And having a professional photographer help you capture these unique moments can make the difference between a good picture and a great one. Richard will be holding several workshops to provide you with tips on how to compose the most visually striking photographs, and will demonstrate how to get the most of your camera’s settings to create extraordinary images.


A Silversea Expedition is a voyage of discovery, and sometimes that discovery comes from within. Discover the world and discover yourself — that’s the idea behind our distinctive Silversea Wellness Expedition voyages offered aboard Silver Discoverer. These remarkable expedition voyages combine the thrill of exploration and a holistic approach to rejuvenation. By day, you’ll journey to destinations off the beaten path in South East Asia and the South Pacific, encountering magnificent landscapes, fascinating new cultures and unique wildlife. Once back aboard Silver Discoverer, the ship becomes a sanctuary for mind, body and spirit.


Silversea Expeditions offers epicurean journeys to discover some of the most authentic cuisine Europe and South America have to offer. From Portugal all the way up the Atlantic coast of France, you will sample some of the finest delicacies. With cannelés and wines in Bordeaux, crêpes in Mont Saint Michel, and fresh oysters in the medieval town of Saint Malo, you are sure to find something that satisfies the most curious of your taste buds. Or, accompany us on a journey looking into the natural and cultural wonders of coastal Peru and Chile. Aboard you will have the opportunity to enjoy and savour some of the outstanding food and wines Peru and Chile have to offer – prepared by specially invited executive chefs and our Culinary Director, Rudy Scholdis- and partake in workshops and discussions about the gastronomical specialties of South America’s West Coast.