Travel Unites

As travel advisors, we spend our days, weeks, months and years getting to know the world and the people in it. We consider Puerto Rico, Mexico City, Las Vegas, and California, no matter the distance, our neighbors. We stand with them in these difficult times.

Major natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and fires are occurring more frequently, often affecting tourism communities and livelihoods. Disaster giving is an important gift and resource for destinations so that they can get back on their feet and resume daily life.

It is important to us, as travel advisors, to give back to our neighbors. We are contributing, in partnership with Island Destinations, to the Foundation for Better Living. Their mission is to come together, in solidarity, to reflect on the impacted Caribbean islands, as well as areas in the US that have been devastated by the path of the recent hurricanes.

While the immediate destruction of these acts of nature has subsided, the island nations in particular, are left with the daunting task of keeping their families safe and rebuilding their lives.

For more information about the relief efforts or how you can assist, visit