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Travel Planning Process

Your trip is a significant investment--of time, dollars, and memories--and an experienced partner can help you make the most of all three. Lake Shore Travel has been helping clients plan exceptional travel for three-quarters of a century, and we offer first-hand knowledge that only years of extensive travel makes possible. Your advisor also takes time to understand what truly matters to you and your travel companions and collaborates with you on an itinerary tailored to your personal specifications. Working with us, you’ll find it doesn't have to cost more to transform a great trip into an extraordinary one.

Like others in our industry, we’re compensated for our time and expertise in three ways:


Commissions. These are direct payments from travel suppliers and do not change the price you pay for your trip.


Fees. These apply only to specific services (see below).


Referrals. Our highly satisfied clients recommend our services to friends and family. A referral is the highest compliment we can receive, and our frequent referrals from clients demonstrate the trust we’ve built over many years.

Your initial consultation with a travel advisor is free. For custom itineraries, we ask an upfront planning fee of $250, which will increase with longer or more complex trips. Airline bookings at Lake Shore Travel carry a per-ticket service charge of $50 for domestic destinations and $100 for international. Additional fees apply for booking air travel with reward points, as well as for after-hours changes to air reservations. For a complete listing of our services, click here.

Yes! At your first meeting, your dedicated advisor will want to learn as much as possible about your travel interests, preferred destination(s), the length of your trip, and the type of accommodations that best fit your needs. In making recommendations, your budget will be among your advisor’s primary considerations.

We do our best to accommodate requests to redeem reward miles, most often in connection with airline tickets. There is a fee for the extra planning time involved. Separately, one of our travel partners offers a service--also for a fee--that applies your miles/points to international business-class and first-class travel only. Your travel advisor can help you review your options and choose the best one.

We offer a full spectrum of travel services, including, but not limited to airline tickets; hotel reservations; cruises, group tours; and more. Though we specialize in full-service, custom itineraries, we’ll be happy to work with any and all of your travel needs.

Absolutely. We assist groups of all sizes, from friends traveling together and multi-generational families to business associates and professional organizations.

Before You Travel

Lake Shore Travel doesn’t set the terms for changes or cancellations, as these are specific to the travel suppliers we book for your trip. We do provide thorough information about cancellation policies before your trip is finalized and before any money changes hands. Cancellation terms are also spelled out in your itinerary. Once again, we strongly recommend trip insurance to protect your investment (see below).

In our experience, yes. Travel insurance reimburses you for trip costs already paid when an unexpected, qualified medical issue within your immediate family leads to cancellation. Travel policies are generally inexpensive, and our travel insurance partners are highly rated. Prices are determined by the total cost of your trip; dates traveled; and the age of each person in your party. Your travel advisor will recommend the best policy for you. 

In general, international travel requires a valid passport for every traveler. Passports must be current, expiring no sooner than six months after you return home. Depending on your destination, you may also need a visa; your travel advisor can help determine applicable requirements. Visas can often be purchased at your destination, during processing at Customs/Immigration.

For domestic flights, each traveler must have a passport or a Real ID (issued by a state department of motor vehicles). Your advisor can provide more information; you may also want to visit

Immunization requirements vary by destination, and your travel advisor is a great source for accurate information. He or she can also help you locate a licensed travel clinic near your home for the necessary immunizations.

While You Are Traveling

This is a common concern, and Lake Shore Travel does everything possible to make the process seamless. Your detailed, day-by-day itinerary includes telephone numbers and email addresses for each local travel supplier along your journey, and one of their warm, courteous representatives can resolve most issues quickly and easily. If additional support is required, you may also reach out to your Lake Shore Travel advisor.

If Lake Share Travel issued your tickets, one of our advisors can quickly step in to get you back on track. For after-hours assistance, you’ll find a toll-free number on your itinerary to connect with an experienced air agent who can assist with the changes you need. An additional fee applies.

Things happen, which is why we recommend trip insurance for every single traveler, every time. A direct phone number for your insurance provider appears on your policy. You’ll receive prompt medical attention, and the insurance provider will arrange all necessary transportation, including flights home and/or to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

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