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Myrna Shaw

Relax in Romantic New England

For a restorative seven nights in stunning settings, Lake Shore Travel’s Myrna Shaw recommends three charming, secluded resorts in New England. Winvian Farm in Connecticut, Blantyre in Massachusetts, and Twin Farms in Vermont are each havens of natural beauty, with intriguing architecture and extensive, wooded grounds that make privacy and relaxation effortless.

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Colorado Dude Ranch
AJ Marasco

Why I Traveled During COVID

Travel is an extension of who I – and who many of us – are. It’s a short respite from our everyday lives; a chance to immerse ourselves in a different world. Traveling allows us to shake off our weariness and bask in that which intrigues and delights us most. Yet, I wondered, when would we travel again?

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The top destinations for travel in 2021
Lake Shore Travel Team

Our Bucket List

The last few months have given all of us plenty of time to consider how and where we want to spend our time when it’s safe to travel again. Below are some of the destinations we’ve been dreaming about (and planning) with our clients.

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Olivia Link

How We are Reimagining Travel

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what a gift travel is, and the joy that it brings. For me, the true beauty of travel is its triple-counting of experience. It’s like a triangle of anticipation, experience, and memory, with each side just as significant as the others.

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Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
Julie Ipjian

Why Stay at a Disney Resort

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind when planning a trip to a Disney park is accommodations. There are a range of options available from local hotels to the Disney campsites. However, here are some of our top reasons to consider staying at a Disney Resort Hotel.

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